Dunn's Wants and Current Events (Part 2)

Wants of Israel and Your Privacy. For several months Americans have been learning about the spying of our government on our personal communications. What is the reason our government intercepts your phone conversations, social media postings and texts, your photo exchanges? Why did our governments conceal what it was doing from us? Now that you know what our government is doing, does it bother you? It bothers me a great deal to know that my government can invade my private space, can monitor my conversations and, therefore, my thoughts. Perhaps, my privacy want is something your generation does not care about. Interestingly, Dunn never mentions “privacy” as a want. Does this mean that our great grandparents were not taught that privacy was a want?

Dunn identifies Association with others and the acquisition of Knowledge as two wants. He also identifies a Religious want. Whether you agree that these are wants for you and your generation, can you imagine that anyone would feel free to associate, to explore learning or practice ones religion with camera and a microphone broadcasting your actions to the world? Is that why our Constitution protects us all from that kind of government control of our freedom? Do you think that the provisions of the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitutions were important wants of the Framers of the Constitution? Do you think that the Framers would give to another country the power to violate American citizens’ First and Fourth Amendment Rights? Is the protection of these rights the reason American Soldiers have given their lives and sacrifice from the beginning of our country? Why would we give the State of Israel the authority to invade your privacy?

And why would our major media avoid informing you of that authorization and its significance in your lives and to your future?

In preparation for exploring these very difficult questions let’s review for our next session these materials that will help us understand the wants of the group of Americans most engaged in the debate over the future of the State of Israel.
1. This YouTube video
2. Cohens and Kagans: Elliott | Richaed | Roger
Kimberly-- http://www.understandingwar.org/who-we-are
Frederick-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Kagan
Robert-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Kagan

3. http://zope.gush-shalom.org/index_en.html