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Dying Middle-Class Neighborhoods Being Replaced By A Segregated Society: Study

The Huffington Post  

Maxwell Strachan

Posted: 10/16/2013 1:12 pm EDT 


The divide between rich and poor isn’t just growing in America’s bank accounts. It’s also splitting apart its neighborhoods, cutting the country in two, according to a new study.

This growing physical separation of the rich and poor is hastening the decline of middle-class neighborhoods and could make income inequality even worse.

The study, by Kendra Bischoff of Cornell University and Sean F. Reardon of Stanford University, finds that the “segregation of families by socioeconomic status” -- i.e., the rich living among the rich and the poor living among the poor -- has increased at a rapid clip in recent decades.

The percentage of American families living in middle-income neighborhoods dropped to 42 percent in 2009 from 65 percent in 1970, according to the study, which analyzes U.S. Census data.